Slut-Shaming Miley Cyrus – Maybe it’s about time.


Call me a prude, but after seeing the video replays of the MTV music awards I was disgusted. All I know is that Miley Cyrus made a slut out of herself again after keeping her tongue out, dancing like she was gyrating against someone during doggie style sex, fingering herself with a foam “We’re Number One” hand, and then gyrated against the pelvis of Robin Thicke’s at the end of the performance.

Amid all that, she wasn’t even singing – rather she was shouting into the microphone. I’m not even sure what it was that she was doing, besides screaming at the top of her lungs – “I’m not Hanna Montana anymore, BITCHES!” That’s the most I could make out. I might be wrong… if she wasn’t literally doing that, then she was doing so symbolically. I’m not sure exactly what she was trying to do besides cry for help because her life has spun out of control. Or maybe she was doing something else.

Maybe Miss Cyrus is wantonly trying to destroy her former “good girl” image and knows exactly what she’s doing in the hopes that people would consider her to be a more mature, legitimate performer. She’s mature alright… mature as in “Mature Audience…” as in Triple X…

There’s been at least 24 hours (as of this writing) of protests, condemnation, criticism, and critiques from various sources – all of them either condemning her or condemning the commendation of Miss Cyrus. There are the bashers who are accused of “Slut-Shaming” her, and those people who are vilifying her critics for being too puritan, too conservative and self-righteous.

At or around the same time of this controversy there are other sex scandals of note; let’s not get into the whole story with New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Wiener and his cyber girlfriend Sydney Leathers, and her ventures in hard-core pornographic movies. Let’s skip over the mayor of San Diego Bob Filner who resigned over multiple accusations of sexual harassment (and maybe even sexual assult.) Type of the word “Sex Scandal” and there are other stories; some involve a pastor, a school principal, a teacher, a husband of a Kardashian sister, an Attorney General in Utah, top law officials in China…

But “we” are really mad at Miley Cyrus. Really, really, really mad!

Why? The fact is, none of the aforementioned besides Miss Cyrus were put on a pedestal as an entertainer or role model for young children; especially our daughters and nieces. We’re outraged because someone who the young ladies in our lives looked up to while they tried to emulate her has gone so far into destroying what made them famous and in turn MIGHT inspire young girls to follow suit in acting ‘sluty’.

Outraged might be the wrong word, how about the word “betrayed?” And maybe I’m also making the case that our feeling of betrayal towards Miss Cyrus isn’t all about her; she’s only the representative of the entire entertainment establishment that seems hell bent on sexualizing our daughters at a younger and younger age this year.
Another reason why we’re angry (especially as parents) is that we know other people have sex but we just don’t want to see it, we don’t want to know about, and we sure don’t want it put in our faces without our consent. Sure, the same men and some women who are protesting against Miss Cyrus are the same people who like to dabble in porn from time to time, might go to a strip club on occasion, and do some pretty wild things behind our bedroom doors (or the kitchen, or the basement, or the back woods, in an empty meeting hall right next to a “Star Trek” convention, in a tent on the side of a mountain, in abandoned buildings…) but that’s private. There’s a reason why “private lives” or “personal lives” are called that.
Maybe it’s time to push back against the women on-line who try to shame us for trying to “slut shame” Miley Cyrus. Maybe we’re past due for a revival of “puritan values” and make a stand for what a lot of us like to call “filth” and call out other activities in the media for what it is. Maybe we’re past due for shouting down celebrities and media personalities who try to make names for themselves by doing genuinely embarrassing acts in public.

I would never want to see my daughter (if I had one) or a girl my son was dating to behave like that, ever. What would that say about her, what would that say about what she thinks about herself? Activities like that scream “I’m desperate for attention” and could lead to date rape, venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies and if that crap get out into the internet/Facebook; unemployment/unemployable status.


What can Graphic Designers learn from Kitchen Nightmares and “Amy’s Baking Company?”

There’s a huge reason why I want everyone to watch the episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” that featured “Amy’s Baking Company.” Everything you need to know what NOT to do in business can be seen in this specific episode.

As a graphic designer I’ve worked with a few of bat-shit crazy people who want what they want regardless of how ineffective their product will look like after I’m done. These are the same people who are condescending and say things like “I should work for you because my taste is so much better and I would keep you from making mistakes” and “I’m a real natural at this, I didn’t need any formal training like you did” while at the same time they are unable to produce a single piece of work worthy of print.

These are also the same people who believe in the craziest bat-shit things like they have “visions” and “speak in tongues,” or can communicate with animals or other people telepathically. They subscribe to every conspiracy theory, bits of internet gossip, and rumors about people they know and work with. They’re also the first people to blame you when something goes wrong especially when you do exactly what they asked you to do.

Amy from “Amy’s Baking Company” is the perfect example of a client from hell.

Based on what I saw on “Kitchen Nightmares” AND read on-line it’s clear that Amy and Samy’s behavior isn’t just a trick of clever editing or an exaggeration. What you see is what locals get or got… depending on whether or not they’ll ever re-open. If this serves any purpose to the rest of the world, may it be a lesson. There are some things you need to keep to yourself such as out-of-touch beliefs and ideas. This should also be a lesson to managers and supervisors; there’s a way to treat people who work with you. Employees aren’t your property, they aren’t disposable assists that you use once and throw away.

I’m a strong advocate of people with mental health problems getting the right help and the right medications. I hope Amy and Company get the help they so urgently need.