One of my friends, a fellow CGD’er Rebecca, has been posting daily about the dreams she’s been having. I understand this is very therapeutic for the writer and for the reader we can get an insight into our friends who are doing this so long as they don’t embarrass us with gory details of sexy dreams (unless you’re a voyeur) and they don’t bore us with six paragraphs of a description of the rainbow the kitten is running on while chasing the unicorn into a fantasy world where “Nirvana” is more than just a grunge band from the 1990’s…
Two nights in a row I’ve had dreams about taking college courses in one of the elementary schools where I was enrolled when I was a child, (for those of you who grew up with me, they’re Green Street and Walnut Street schools) and I’m not sure if I’m the teacher or the student. Does this mean anything, or is it like Sigmund Freud once said; “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

This wouldn’t be a big deal but one of the medicines I’ve been taking for the brain injury I suffered a while ago makes most of my dreams incredibly vivid and intense to the point where some mornings I’m not sure if the dream is reality and reality is a dream for a few moments. Some morning I’ve woken up with incredible ideas that I’ve had to put down on paper before they’re lost into the netherworld of daily drudgery.

Couple this with the fact that I’m also doing some research into the colleges where I once attended and checking out their graphic design programs and what books they are assigning for this upcoming year. Perfect example is the SUNY Canton Graphic Design Program – I’m checking out the books I would have been assigned if I was there now and wondering if it’s worth supplementing them into my own library.

Speaking of dreams: Let me tell you about the time I chased my cat over a rainbow and found myself in Xanadu where Olivia Newton-John was teaching my wife how to be a proper muse like those in Greek Mythology…


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