Beliefs: The Fallacy of Equality

Last night I saw that many of my Facebook friends changed their profile pictures to a new “Marriage Equality” logo.

It’s so easy to put a new logo up as our Facebook profile picture, but what are we really willing to do for equality? There are still people who are excluded from families, social groups, and organizations because they think, love or just dress differently than the rest of us. As a whole we still demonize people who disagree with the “Group Think” or don’t have the politically correct views. I do it, you do it, we all do it…

We’re getting meaner, we’re hitting further and further below the belt, it’s increasingly more divisive and we’re making it more personal than ever before. We’re a society that’s in decay because we’re so focused on how we’re different while ignoring what makes us the same. Many of us actually like to be pissed about something because it feels “good” to have a justifiable reason to be pissed.

A new “equality” badge is supposed to make everything better. But what are you actually willing to do, what are you actually willing to change? So long as we continue to alienate people who have different thought processes or see the world differently via different beliefs then there will never be equality.

What more are we willing to do? And when I say we, I also mean me.

Let’s just imagine for a second that the Supreme Court rules in favor of Marriage Equality… there is still going to be discrimination in our society. There’s something about human nature that wants to exclude people because they are somehow different.

For some of us to “function” we need to have people to “hate,” to have an “Exclusive Club” we have to have someone to exclude. Perfect example is this debate on Gay Marriage Equality and the level of genuine animosity and hatred (yes, hatred) of from people who are for it against those who simply are against it for religious and sociological reasons. The people who are for GME (Gay Marriage Equality) are losing the debate with those people because of using strong-arm and bullying tactics.

Do they really think they’re going to wear their opponents down by vilifying them and using derogatory labels?
Obviously, those who are opposed to GME have used the same tactics against those are for it.

We’re going to get past this hurtle one way or another; eventually there is going to be GME; but then what? There are still going to be people in our own society that are going to be treated unfairly simply because they’re different. It happens in families, it happens with in schools, it happens at the work place.

Gay Marriage Equality is just the “tip of the iceberg.” What people are talking about with GME is a change in the law and a small change in our society compared to the true, genuine revolution I’m calling for. We exclude people and then we wonder why they hurt and betray us.
I’m talking about an internal revolution, literally changing the way we treat everyone.


One thought on “Beliefs: The Fallacy of Equality

  1. Enjoyed reading this as well, thought I disagree at points! And isn’t that the fun part??? I would love to know more about “internal change”? For now, I will be happy that GME (as you call it) happens in my lifetime . . . because quite frankly, hate takes way too much energy . . .

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