In Class exercise: Dominate Impression

The goal of this task was to take notes from the final scenes of “Revenge Of The Sith” and then use those notes to create something totally new from the words from our notes. Our notes were based on the many sense such as “Sight,” “Sounds” “Tastes” (What would those ‘environments’ taste like in our imagination) and “feelings.”

The following is something we wrote together based on the notes my team collected and fed to me while I was writing.

The hate I felt was a raging volcano welling up inside. The flame of my desire for her was intensified when she said I was breaking her heart, but it turned my passion into lava running through my veins.

As the cake burned in the oven I could just taste the ash in my mouth, intensifying my rage knowing that this argument was ruining dinner and now desert.

It was a matter of time before the ozone of the sparking element inside the oven would pop the fuse and the metal inside would ripple and bubble like an infected scab. While we continued to fight and the oven continued to melt down I punched the wall with all the rage I could buster and my throat became raw as I yelled “Liar!”

Her touch of her hand was electric; she knew she hurt me to my core. I started to breath heavily knowing the make-up was coming. I didn’t care as the house burned down around us as the landlord screamed from outside…



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