I often have a dream that’s not a reoccurring one, but it’s a reoccurring theme.

I’m not talking about the one where I’m a captured paratrooper handcuffed to a metal folding chair wearing nothing but a brown fedora and combat boots while being interrogated by a blond, buxom woman wearing a black body suit and speaks with an Austrian accent who looks exactly like my wife…

… I’m talking about the dream I have about finding an abandoned place and making it my own. Recently I had a dream about exploring a piece of land that I owned and by a river that I didn’t know went through it was an abandoned mill building made out of red bricks and concrete. In this dream I said to myself that this would be the perfect workspace for me to escape the chatter and noise of my family when I was working up against a deadline. Once inside this building was sparse and bare, half the walls had been painted white while the other half displayed the bare red brick that gave the interior a warm yet outdoors feel.

As I was walking through this, I found a place to put a desk that magically appeared. I produced my laptop bag that I forgot I had around my shoulder and began to work. With no internet, no children or wife I’m able to accomplish work that I had neglected for years.

Once my wife discovered this space and where I was, she came up the idea of renting this space out to make some money, or to create the ideal studio for me to start my own company. As I continued to work more people that I knew from the past and always wanted to work with started to appear with their own desks and took up space on their own. As this dream progressed, this space stopped being my own.


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